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3 Ways Consistent Blogging Can Improve Your Business

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3 Ways Consistent Blogging Can Improve Your Business


Almost everyone in the business world should be familiar with the concept that content is king. But despite this knowledge, many businesses struggling to prioritize content creation as part of their SEO and other marketing strategies. 

While other areas of SEO can improve your business, building links through citations and other forms of content and blogging can be a great long-term investment for your organization. To show you just how vital this marketing strategy can be, here are three ways that consistent blogging can improve your business. 

Get More Traffic To Your Website

One of the best and most obvious things that creating content can do for your business is to key a catalyst in bringing more traffic to your website.

According to Mike Kappel, a contributor to Forbes.com, businesses that consistently post content to their blogs get about 55 percent more traffic to their websites than businesses who don’t blog consistently. This means that by putting in the effort to simply create and post more content to your business’s blog, you could be simultaneously bringing in a lot more traffic to the more promotional parts of your website. 

Showcase Your Industry Expertise

In today’s business world, there’s a lot of stock put into how a business or brand is viewed by those within the market. If you want to be viewed as a business that people can connect to, take seriously, and respect, consistent blogging can help you achieve this. 

Through your blogging efforts, Alyssa Gregory, a contributor to The Balance Small Business, shares that you can easily establish yourself as an expert in your industry or whatever field or market your business resides. Especially if you’re writing or creating content that people find useful, relevant, and informative, you could have a huge portion of evergreen content that people keep coming back to over and over again or share with their own friends and followers. And with this type of viewership coming to your blog, you’re bound to see some real improvements in the overall success of your business. 

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Not everyone who comes to your website is going to navigate their completely on their own. More likely than not, they’re going to find you through the search results from a search engine that you’re ranking on. And one great way to boost your search engine rankings and get your website some more notice and traffic is through your blogging efforts.

According to Travis Huff, a contributor to Social Media Today, consistently posting content to your blog and website will require search engine bots to crawl your pages on a regular basis, which can be very beneficial for improving and then maintaining where you end up on search results pages. 

If you’ve been wondering just what you could be missing through minimal blogging, consider using the information mentioned above to encourage your business to blog more consistently.