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3 Tips For Creating Better PPC Ads

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3 Tips For Creating Better PPC Ads


Using online ads can be a great way for a business to get more traffic to their website, to spread the word about their brand, and to generate overall more business for their organization. However, with so many businesses creating and implementing online ads, you’ve got to find some way to make your rise above the rest.

If you’ve been having trouble seeing the success you want with your online ads, here are three tips for creating better PPC ads for businesses from local dentists to online retailers. . 

Know Which Type Of Ads To Focus On

There are all kinds of different PPC ads that you can use as a business. The trick with this is knowing which ones to focus on and which type or types of ads will work best with your business model and target audience.

To help you figure this out, Jonathan Dane, a contributor to HubSpot.com, recommends that you choose one or two types of ads to focus on so you can really see a return on your investment and devote your time to quality over quantity. Some of the ads you might want to consider running could be display ads, search ads, app ads, and video ads. You could also consider running ads within specific social media platforms that best connect with your target market. 

Use A Feature-Benefits Matrix

When creating the actual text of your ad, it’s important that you include the key elements that will get your ad noticed and help encourage people to click on it.

According to Elisa Gabbert, a contributor to WordStream.com, one great way to figure out what content to put in your ads is to use a Feature-Benefits Matrix. With this planning outline, you’ll write out what the features are for your product or service, what the benefits of those features are, and what a compelling call-to-action would be based on those two pieces of information. By doing this, you’ll be able to write more succinct, persuasive, and influential ad copy in the future. 

Input Negative Keyword To Steer Clear Of

The more clicks and conversions your ad gets, the better your score will be for both your ads and your business. But getting someone to click and convert can often be a challenge.

To make this a little easier, Kristopher, Jones, a contributor to Forbes.com,  advises that you use negative keywords to ensure that you’re only getting clicks from people who are actually interested in the exact thing your ad is offering. Negative keywords make it so you don’t display your ad for something that might be related but irrelevant to you and your audience. 

By coming up with a list of negative keywords and using them during your PPC ad creation, you could have a lot more success with your ads.

If you want to start creating better and higher performing PPC ads, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.