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6 Best Gadgets for Your Pets

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6 Best Gadgets for Your Pets


So far, most newly invented gadgets are reserved for human users; however, as people also consider their pets an integral part of their life, gadgets that are reserved for pets are appearing in an increasingly larger number nowadays. If you are curious about the best gadgets that your pet can use, here are six best gadgets that are recently invented to make your pet’s life easier and more exciting.

Whistle 3 GPS Tracker

There is nothing more enjoyable than having an overeager pet. They are active and agile and they love to roam around freely. But having an overeager pet also means that you, as their owner, must pay extra attention to them. If you are not careful enough, they may wander too far and they are eventually lost. With this GPS tracker, you don’t have to worry about losing your pet. This GPS tracker is so small that you can actually attach it to your pet’s collar. The tracker will always be connected to your smartphone through the 4G LTE network. The embedded GPS chip allows you to locate your pet no matter where they currently are. Another great thing about this tracker is that you don’t have to charge it too frequently. One full battery charge is enough to keep this tracker alive for a whole week.

iFetch Ball Thrower

One excellent way to train your dog’s agility and to keep them occupied is by playing fetch with them. Playing fetch takes much time and if you have limited free time, iFetch is definitely a great helper. iFetch is basically a ball throwing machine that throws a ball within a specific distance so that your pet can take it and then return it to this machine. A large bowl-shaped hole on the top of it allows your pet to insert the ball so that the machine can throw it again. Of course, you have to train your pet first so that they can use this machine with no trouble.

iCalmPet Speakers

A restless pet can be annoying. A restless dog barks all the time and a stressed cat may become unreasonably defensive and vandalistic. With iCalmPet Speakers, you can keep your restless pet calm. The speakers will sound calming music that is guaranteed to make your pet relaxed. When you buy this pet calming gadget, you can choose one among various models depending on the type of your pet, so you can get an iCalmDog suite for your dog or an iCalmCat suite for your cat. There are various interesting features that this gadget offers. In addition to calming your pet, it can also make them happy and strengthen your bond with them.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Not everyone who loves pet also loves cleaning their litter box. If you love your pet very much but aren’t very eager to deal with their dirty, smelly, and disgusting waste, this self-cleaning litter box will become your best friend. This litter box consists of small crystal granules that absorb wet waste and dry out solid waste and a sensor-operated automatic rake that pushes the waste to a covered trap. This whole mechanism allows pet owners to keep their pet’s litter box clean without ever having to deal with the dirt and the unpleasant odor.


If you love your pet a lot, you certainly want to be near them all the time. Sadly, your businesses compel you to be apart from your pet from time to time. Furbo is an excellent gadget that allows you to stay near your pet all the time even if you have to be away. Furbo has everything that you need to be able to interact with your pet even if you are far from them, including a surveillance camera that allows you to see the cute face of your pet, a microphone to hear their adorable voice, and a speaker that allows you to talk with them through your smartphone.

Cooling Collar

Have you ever noticed why your pet becomes unusually restless, especially during a hot summer day? When they repeatedly scrape their collar, they may feel uncomfortable with the itch and sweat that accumulate underneath their collar due to the extreme temperature. This cooling collar is designed to ease your pet’s temper when the day gets hot. There is no fancy mechanism involved in its design. The collar is simply made from a specific material that can retain its cold temperature after being soaked in water for a couple of minutes. Allow your pet to wear this collar and they will not feel any discomfort even during the hottest day in the summer.